Karen & Keith's Copenhagen Elopement in the Rain

When Karen approached me about this opportunity several months back, I was immediately excited about the idea of flying back to beautiful Copenhagen and photographing their special day

The day before the shoot we realized that the weather for our planned photo shoot day was calling for nothing but cold, Copenhagen, rain. Maybe 3-4 C max (37 F). Honestly, this many years into shooting weddings I’ve come to appreciate the challenge that rain brings on weddings days. And not only that, I’ve come to love the look you CAN get from it IF you have flexible clients… insert: Northern Alberta’s finest… Karen and Keith. Holy moly. These guys were incredible! Not only did they trapse around the city in wedding clothes (including Karen’s strapless/sleeveless wedding dress) But they willingly stood in the rain, endured the wind… got wet, and just went ALL in! It was incredible! I can’t even tell you how awesome this couple was. Seriously. I mean, who would willingly stand in the rain and cold and kiss directly above pile of horse CRAP?! This amazing couple.

Oh, and if any of you are wondering why there are no ceremony photos, it’s because they got legally married in Canada where they are from, before they came to Denmark… So they basically flew all the way to Europe with the dress to take some bridal portraits in a random city like Copenhagen with a totally random google searched photographer like me.  I love it. Thanks again Karen and Keith for being such a great couple to work with!