Mari & Christian's Fjord Wedding in Norway

Mari and Christian were an amazing couple to work with! I had so much fun shooting their wedding in the fjord filled small villages of Eidsdal and Nordal, Norway.

As the day started out there was a chance of rain, so naturally, we prayed for the rain to hold off, but the clouds to stay. I love answered prayers. This day, was a perfect setup for amazing images. The rain held off as we asked and prayed for, the clouds provided the perfect, emotive backdrop, and our generously timed bridal portrait session set us up for a photo journey around the region where we stopped and photographed our beautiful couple at stunning location after stunning location.

Looking back, I think this may be one of my favorite Norwegian weddings to date. The joy, passion, love, locations, bridal couple, etc, etc… all made this day priceless in so many ways! I was overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounded the couple that day. It was almost as if I could point my camera in any direction and be guaranteed an amazing shot. Love was all around and this couple truly walked in it!

Thanks so much, Mari and Christian, for asking me to shoot your beautiful wedding day! I was so honored to be your photographer.