Streams Of Mercy Trip | Uganda

Wow. What a trip. How do you sum up a week of non-stop culture exploration, including meeting tons of amazing kids, and seeing many many transformed lives…? It’s not easy to pack it in here, but I speak better in “photos” so this blog entry is my best shot at showing you a peek into my world on our Uganda trip.

I initially was invited on this trip by Wick Nease, who is the founder of Streams of Mercy, the organization I photographed for. Wick started Streams of Mercy several years ago to fund orphanages and orphan support ministries (schools, clinics, and homes). I traveled with him to India in 2007 and first saw the results of what they were investing in then and was blown away. Now, several years later, I went to Uganda with the sole purpose of telling the stories through photography of the orphan support ministries they are supporting in Jinja, a town about 1-2 hours outside of Kampala. What a beautiful and eye-opening experience it was! We went to 12-13 ministry locations and shot morning until evening for 6 days straight. I know we just barely touched the surface there, and I hope to return one day to continue telling those stories of hope, love and restoration.

For the sake of not drawing this blog out really long, I’ll end by saying, please consider partnering with Streams of Mercy financially. They now support over 31 orphanages and orphan support ministries around the world. It’s incredible to see what they are supporting in Uganda alone.

On this trip we visited schools, orphan homes (including a family that adopted 19 kids, and another family that has adopted 39 kids). We also visited a medical clinic they support, and a vocational training center. We left with our hearts full, to say the least.

You can find out more about this fantastic organization by going to 

With hope for Uganda…