Nashville Artists In-Home Session

Trent & Morgan are two of the most creative people I know in Nashville. We've been in the same community since I moved home from Norway and I've been so inspired not only by their excellent art & media but who they are as people. Trent is a photographer/musician in Nashville and Morgan is a fine artist/photographer as well. Both create amazing work in their mediums. Check out Trent's portrait work here: and Morgan's painting/blog site here:

I've been wanting to do an in-home session with them for almost a year and a few weeks ago right before I left Nashville to head to Norway for the summer, we were finally able to make it happen! The fun part was, we decided to do a "crossover shoot" of sorts where I did some photos with the help of my photographer friend, Caroline, then afterwards they turned the table on us and did some awesome portraits of both Caroline and I. It was a blast and such a great reminder of what it's like to be in front of the camera! 

Trent & Morgan were amazing to work with and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. It was really inspiring and helpful to not only watch the creative process but to be right in the middle of it all. 

Here are few images from the shoot we did with them, and at the end, there are even a couple images they snapped of me and Caroline as well. 

To see the blog post Morgan wrote up regarding this shoot with 4 photographers, check it out HERE. Such a fun and inspiring time with everyone!!

Ok back to editing here in the fjords of Norway... 




And here are a few images of myself and Caroline that Trent took of us with their studio setup. Same day, same space, but totally different results! So much fun. Loved being a part of the shoot!

(Also, thanks to Daniel Wellington watches for the summer sponsorship.)

Michaela Potterbaum